About me

To tell anything about me…omg, this couldn’t be any more difficult; some say you have to explain, what you are doing, to make people understand, that you really love photography – Yes, of course I do!
But, to be honest, isn’t it something totally different? For me, it’s about the idea of being connected to the pictures in a specific way; the idea, that pictures give certain things back: thoughts, feelings; they are taking me on a trip, a trip that seems to be honest and pure – as if this reality is getting real; delight, pain, happiness, fear – every single emotion; everything starts to exist, starts to be as it is.
Surely, some may think: „What the hell is he talking about? Is he able to take great pictures or not?“ In some moments I am aware that this is not essential!
In the end it’s the pictures themselves pictures that present a feeling – maybe my feeling; pictures which tell something, which are taking me by the hand; and sometimes I am delighted if they take other humans by the hand, too.

If someone asks himself now:
„Is he experienced?“ I would reply:“ I’m in an age, where you give your kids money to make them tell everyone you’re 40 instead of 50“ :)…. I only have to become wise now ;
Indeed, there are some experiences: for more than 20 years my camera has been on my side like a good friend; my jobs guided me to various areas; whether fashion- or people-photography, I had the chance to learn and to see interesting things everywhere; but there us one thing that has been even more crucial: getting to know a lot of different people from different cultures, and the interactions with those people changed my view on life… I had the possibility to learn and to comprehend things!